Messy Me

Hey y’all, My name is Missy Jo!  I am a wife, pet-parent, substitute teacher, and Broncos super fan. My home is in Northern Colorado, just a half hour away from the beautiful Rocky mountains.  Here, I love to fish with my husband Brian and three dogs: Bootzie (an avid fisher and talker), Malachi (a melancholy red-nosed pit bull), and Gunni (the naughtiest baby black lab I’ve ever met).

Summer 2016

     I worked for close to a decade to get my Bachelor’s Degree in Elementary Education, despite my passion for writing. Now that I have student loans for the next decade of my life it seems as though all of the jobs within my degree scope have vanished. I have consequently been working at a local school doing wrap-around care for preschool aged students. While they do melt my heart, teaching the tiniest of humans is exhausting.

Jesus Transforming

     I believe that God is trying to do a great work in my life, and I am trying really hard to listen. The bulk of my life has been spent leaning on my own knowledge and skills. So far it has gotten me little more than a love of wine. All of the good things in my life have been blessings from God. For instance, my beautiful family and warm home where I gather with  friends is my most beautiful blessing. Everything in my life can continue to be a blessing if I give Jesus complete control. After all, he did transform water to wine!

     Throughout the life of this blog, I am challenging myself to change the way I think. The goal is to lean heavily on scripture and enable the good Lord to lead me. I will be honing my writing skills and sharing some horrifying life experiences. There will be tidbits of  favorite messages from pastors, and hopefully some delicious recipes along the way. My hope is that you all find a bit of joy in my journey to become one of the fruit-bearing branches of the vine.