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Since Jesus transformed water to wine, he can transform my life, as well.

Two Skies

The following disclosures will ensure that I can continue bringing you amazing content. All of the articles on this blog are created and edited by me. This content (including photos) represents my own personal beliefs. I allow my work to be shared on social media, and I also allow my content to be referenced as long as a link is provided to my original page. Please do not copy any of my content, as it is my personal property. Also, please remember that I am not an expert or medical professional. The the articles presented here are for informational purposes only.

My Associates

From time to time, I will write posts that contain affiliate marketing or advertising. I only endorse products which I absolutely adore and use myself. Furthermore, my personal beliefs do not reflect those of anybody else that I am working with or companies for whom I am advertising. This blog is for the sole purpose of expressing my personal beliefs. Thanks again for reading!