Everyone needs resources in their lives. It is a crazy world out there, and we all need dependable places to get our information and sustenance. Every item and link listed below is something I am familiar with and have been using for quite a while. I hope you give some of them a try!

The Word (on the Go!) 

In today’s world, it is so important to have tools to use (a.k.a. scripture) so that you can live your life the way the Lord intended in all circumstances. While every member of society should carry a Bible with them at all times, wherever they go…I understand that this is not reality. In light of this, below you will find links to free apps that allow you to carry God’s word all the time. Both work with my phone and tablet, making it simple to stay in touch with scripture. Knowledge is power, people!

  • YouVersion is easy to navigate and has daily devotionals and reading plans at https://www.youversion.com/
  • The Blue Letter Bible lets you compare side by side different versions of the same chapter and provides learning content accompanying chapters at https://www.blueletterbible.org/
  • The Bible Project gives an outline for a yearly bible reading plan with descriptive videos that outline the content in every chapter at https://thebibleproject.com/

Pastors I Adore

The resources I will provide below are website links to specific churches and their content. These pastors are real people who I am able to take something away from every week that I listen. They have several message series to identify specific needs, and all of their teachings are Bible-based. I hope you learn as much from them as I have!

  • Andy Stanley is a pastor in Atlanta who’s messages can also be seen on NBC after Saturday Night Live, or here http://yourmove.is/full-episodes/
  • Rick Rusaw is a pastor in Longmont and an author. You can find his books on Amazon (links coming soon) and his messages here http://lbcc.org/messages/

Shopping Sites

Links to my Favorite Recipes